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Adaptable electrodes
Controlled energy delivery

Safe, effective procedures
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Jeremy N. Ruskin, MD
Founder and Director Emeritus; 

Cardiac Arrhythmia Service, Massachusetts General Hospital;

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“Ablacor’s novel approach of a circular ablator, with its controlled electrode-tissue contact, designed to generate continuous and transmural ablation lesions reliably, holds great promise and would be a major advance.” 

AblaCor™ Medical Corporation’s mission is to develop innovative products to significantly advance Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) treatment. The Company’s goal is to provide patients with long-term freedom from AFib without multiple ablation procedures.  

AblaCor’s first product, the Circum
Blator™ AF Catheter Ablation System, is uniquely designed to deliver pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) in a “single-shot" circumferential ablation compared to currently marketed “point-by-point” and “balloon” technologies.

AblaCor is advancing

Cardiac Ablation 

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Cardiac Ablation

AblaCor's Scientific Advisors

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The CircumBlator™ AF Catheter Ablation System is not approved for human use.


Lawrence S. Rosenthal MD, PhD, FACC, FHRS 
Director, Electrophysiology Service;  

Professor of Medicine, UMass Memorial Medical Center 


Continuous tissue contact for precise lesion formation the first time


Improved patient outcomes
Fewer repeat procedures
Reduced healthcare costs